2017 Macro

Yo yo yo, as we’re wrapping up 2017 we’re looking for money to be made in 2017 and boy is there plenty. Here are the macro charts in the back of our minds as we roll over into the next trading year. Spring is going to be something special.

Crude long

AUDCAD short

AUDUSD short


EURAUD short

EURCAD short

There you have it, the theme is Crude and CAD strength. There should also be a fair amount of USD strength, here’s that chart:

With these biases in mind I will still keep tabs on my usual H1+ Harmonic Patterns, Accumulation/Distribution, Order Flow, D1 EQ, Breakers and SR on the majors.

Catch ya later


Post-London session 12/7/2016

I ended up setting two limit orders during London Open, a buy on EU at 1.071 (TP 1.0794) a sell on UJ at 114.427 and a buy on Silver at 16.45.

Ended up not taking anything AUD.

The USDX was just south of the equal lows composing of the bottom of the recently-distributed Distributions range. EURUSD was just above a level. USDJPY was just below a level. Silver was just above an LTF Gartley within a daily bats PRZ.

These orders never triggered.

USDX reversed 6 cents away from my line and then shanked 44 cents. This premature reversal resulted in:

  • EURUSD only going to .7098, .2 pips into my order. Spread kept me out.
  • USDJPY only going to 114.402, 2.6 pips away from my limit order.
  • Silver reversing 20 cents away from the threshold of my zone.

Oh well, that is the risk you take using limit orders, placing the price of execution as a higher priority than whether or not you get a position (which is how it should be).

Maybe I’ll sink my teeth into something next session.

Peace, yo