Post-London session 12/7/2016

I ended up setting two limit orders during London Open, a buy on EU at 1.071 (TP 1.0794) a sell on UJ at 114.427 and a buy on Silver at 16.45.

Ended up not taking anything AUD.

The USDX was just south of the equal lows composing of the bottom of the recently-distributed Distributions range. EURUSD was just above a level. USDJPY was just below a level. Silver was just above an LTF Gartley within a daily bats PRZ.

These orders never triggered.

USDX reversed 6 cents away from my line and then shanked 44 cents. This premature reversal resulted in:

  • EURUSD only going to .7098, .2 pips into my order. Spread kept me out.
  • USDJPY only going to 114.402, 2.6 pips away from my limit order.
  • Silver reversing 20 cents away from the threshold of my zone.

Oh well, that is the risk you take using limit orders, placing the price of execution as a higher priority than whether or not you get a position (which is how it should be).

Maybe I’ll sink my teeth into something next session.

Peace, yo


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