1/10/17 London Open

Yo yo yo here are the charts I’m scoping rolling into this LO.

SMT Divergence

Everything seems to be converging except for GU, which has been flat. This signals that GBP has been in control, and a healthy move might be in the books.


AUDUSD looks to be respecting its breaker to breaker map quite well.

EURUSD has both a breaker and a daily level within a reasonable distance of price.

GBPUSD appears to be accumulating and has a daily level right under the accum, and SMT divergence. Looking for a buy there.

USDJPY disregarded the daily level pre-London and ATR sent it back up, potentially looking for a short continuation off of that breaker, although that will be discretionary, I don’t like what price has done in it.

Being Tuesday London Open we can most safely assume that the high or low of the week has either already been priced in or is going to be soon. Just saying.

AUDJPY update

Price made it through the breaker with reasonable respect but is resisting the breakdown of at least 10 pips, at this juncture a raid of the high in the block looks as likely as a successful breaker play.

CADJPY update

I love a healthy breakdown, but 120 pips… I don’t think we’ll be revisting the magenta breaker anytime soon. Best bet is to catch the bottoms of 15&30min BRs raiding bullish intraday liquidity.


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