1/18/17 London Open



GBP is a subject I have neglected to touch on


As posted in the pattern sweep there were convergent patterns across the board on most GBP pairs, but GA is the only I got a good entry on. This is one of the first times a position of mine has actually been helped by a politican opening their mouth (can’t say the same about yesterdays AUDUSD and USDCAD). Will be looking to compound.

SMT Divergence (now at the bottom)


These aren’t favorable conditions for me and I haven’t really felt in sync with the market yet, so I’m just going to trade levels intraday until Friday blows over then see what PA develops.

One lesson that has gotten away from me but has been applicable for recent conditions is to “save your ammo” for later in the trading day. Lately I’ve been blowing my wad at open at less-than-favorable levels only to see the good stuff that I completely didn’t expect to get reached end up getting reached (and respected) later in the day after some data was released or some chump said something. Just putting that out there.


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