Week of 2/6/17 Patterns

Here is a gallery of the patterns I have in mind heading into this week of commodity currency high impact news.

My main orders, which are all based on H1, are a buy at .7595 on AUDUSD, sell at 141.98 on GBPJPY, a sell at 1.64755 on GBPAUD and a sell at GBPUSD at 1.26356.

I also have matching (same H1 lows/highs) orders on AUDCAD, AUDCHF, AUDNZD, EURGBP, EURAUD, GBPCAD and GBPCHF but, because they would be capturing the same moves as the main orders, I will most likely get rid of them.

Without further ado, here are the charts:


1/31/17 London Open

Crazy moves usually happen last day of the month, plus there is a BOJ Press conference, Draghi speaking, CAD GDP & BOC Gov speaking, USD consumer confidence and Kiwi employment stuff.

I’m just going to stay in my CAD positions and let this blow over. If this is triggered so be it:



I want to think Draghi will bring some bullishness to Euro but I’m no fundamental trader. Just what a couple of EUR charts look like to me:

We’ll see how this goes


Week of 1/30/17

The name of the game for me right now is maximizing the potential of my CAD selling program. I am currently in CADCHF sells and EURCAD buys. There are a few stages of entries I go about when playing these HTF harmonics.

First stage- catching the bottom/top. This is done.

Second stage- near-bottom/top breaker entry (attempting to catch this weeks high). In progress.

Third stage- pyramiding and compounding points (attempting to catch intraday high/lows trading short term in patterns direction).

For CADCHF this entails selling levels past upside ATR exhaustion, breakers (that have had two breakdowns) of fresh liquidity and of daily and weekly highs to the left and SR flips of old lows way to the left and new lows.


For EURCAD this entails levels past downside ATR exhaustion, breakers (that have had two breakups) of fresh liquidity and of daily and weekly highs to the left and SR flips of old highs way to the left and new highs.


A separate but also promising pattern on my radar is this:



1/26/27 London Open

SMT Divergence (AU EU GU and UJ SR is now here- it works best when the market is symmetrical and what better place to determine that then on the terminal that is already an eagle-eye view of USD…)


GBP is extended, JPY is divergent- so here’s GBPJPY


Sold CADCHF during London Close, expecting one last liquidity probe.


Have a buy limit near on EURCAD, expecting to get tagged in on the last liquidity probe.

EURCADH4 1.png

CHF Libor Rate and SNB monetary policy assessment are coming up before London Open and the Eurogroup meeting throughout the day will most likely affect these positions.

1/25/17 Patterns/Macro

If you’ve talked to me about trading for long enough, or known me long enough, chances are you’ve heard of last year’s EURCAD Bat, here’s an old sreenshot:


My buddy Leo and I scoped it in C and the rest is history.

Anyways, that was about this time last year, and I think I might have found some trades that will potentially take the great EC trade of 2016’s place:






CADCHFDaily 4.png





That’s all for now! Let’s see how these unfold…